Beasties of the Kingdom
Orlando, Florida
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"Welcome to the Beasties Kingdom!"

I am so delighted to take this opportunity to welcome you and thank you for your interest in my original handmade Beasties of the Kingdom®.

Don't be surprised if the characters you meet seem familiar. The inhabitants of the Beasties Kingdom are a madcap menagerie of cute critters whose grab bag of expressions range from the playful, happy, to just plain silly. Collectors are drawn by their universal humor, whimsical charm or sometimes by their uncanny resemblance to someone they know and love. I am very happy that you have chosen to become a part of my global "Beasties Kingdom" family!

Here are a few things you may want to know
"About my "Beasties."

I have been creating my "Beasties" in one form or another for almost fifty years & as a "collection" since 1978.
People of all ages from around the world have collected my Beasties of the Kingdom®. I sculpt the original designs after developing each character with drawings (and sometimes after multiple sculptings) to finalize the posture, personality and pose. I then create molds for the parts of each design so that I can reproduce each piece to the faithful replication of the original. The "Beasties" are formed with clay that I have developed. The parts are then assembled, carved, and finally painted using 8–10 processes to complete each piece, taking up to two weeks from start to finish.

"Created with nature in the good ol' U.S.A.!"

I am happy to boast that my "Beasties" you will see on my website are "Studio Editions" that are created here in my studio in Orlando, Florida. I do not sell imported products. I make every effort to ensure that all my materials are SAFE and also manufactured in the U.S.A. - from the raw material, the paint, and the cartons and wrapping materials that are used to ship your "Beasties."

"Handmade, Original & Always Sure to Bring a Smile!"

This year, when making your gift decisions, please consider my "Beasties." Unique, Original, Handcrafted... sure to bring a smile & 100% made in the USA!
Thank you!
John Raya
The Original "BeastieMaster" since 1978
It is my hope that your visits to my safe & secure website will be a pleasant experience for you, and that the shopping cart will be easy to navigate so as to provide you with a simple means of transacting your purchases.

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